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Greater Works Than These Price of Life

Right before Jesus went the cross, He told His disciples they would do “greater works than these.” How is that even possible? Jesus just revealed that He and God the Father were one. That means Jesus is divine…how is it possible for us to do greater things than Jesus?   John 14:12 shows us Jesus’s [...]

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3,800 Homeless Youth in NYC Covenant House

  Covenant House   “At the age of 14, Ann ran away from home. She had been living with her aunt and uncle in the South Bronx, a situation made untenable, she said, because she was frequently being raped by her cousin….Her experience is not unusual. The Justice Department has estimated that about 450,000 children [...]

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Living Without Regret: How One Alumnus is Fighting Injustice Azikiwe

  This hightlight of Alumnus Azikiwe Calhoun is featured on the InterVarsity website! Click here to read it there, or just keep reading below.   “Even before I started following Jesus, I always had a heart to serve others,” said Azikiwe Calhoun. But during his years at City College of New York, Azikiwe found a [...]

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JUST ART is not “just art”…it can make a difference! Price of Life

      Do you love to create? Would you love your creation to have in impact on someone’s life that is lasting and meaningful? Then, I invite and encourage you to sign up for one of three competitions the Price of Life is holding surrounding the issue of human trafficking. Click on one or [...]

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1 In 4 Men Admit to Raping a Woman steps

I’m on my face this morning because brokenness knocked me down.   “Diana, the Hunter” shoots bus drivers at point blank range on crowded buses leaving American-owned factories in Mexico. She holds them responsible for allowing the incessant rape and abuse of female employees traveling to and from work late at night. Lord have mercy.   [...]

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Freedom Cry – Price of Life Kick-off Prayer Meeting! Prayer

The Price of Life is almost here! So, before we do a single event we want to be met by God, cleansed by God and sent by God.   Come join those ready to join Christ in the fight against modern-day slavery and worship our Good God who set us free to set others free!   [...]

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What Will You Dedicate 34 Years of Your Life To? photo (16)

So, this post was originally going to be about something I learned about this week: it’s called System of Rice Intensification (SRI). In all fairness, I will still talk about it. But, my focus shifted as I began to learn about it. It shifted from the process to the person who came up with the [...]

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Combating a Culture of Sexual Exploitation Jonathan Walton Protest

    Jonathan’s article is featured on the Sojourners website! Click here to read it on their site, or just keep reading below.   “Eight years ago I left my dorm room, humming the hook to “Till I Collapse” on my walk to the bathroom. When I returned a new song was playing on my laptop. [...]

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