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Where Have All the Father’s Gone? where-have-dads-gone

Someone asked me where have all the fathers gone- and on a drive down International Avenue in Oakland I found them.   They’re too busy buying sex from someone else’s daughter to be a dad.   Too busy watching porn to warn their boys about the troubles in the street or sit and listen when parents [...]

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Jonathan’s Feature on the InterVarsity Website Jonathan on IV website

This article is featured on InterVarsity’s website!   “Serving the City”   Gordon Govier August 5, 2013   Jonathan Walton loves New York City. He calls it a God-given affection—because when he first arrived in the city as a Columbia University freshman, he hated it.   New York City was a big change from his [...]

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“What’s Going on for Nancy After NYCUP”-Nancy Hsu, NYCUP 2013 Nancy Hsu 1

  “GOOD NEWS – I am all moved out of my old apartment, everything is in storage now, and I’ll be ready to move into my new apartment in just a few weeks! So glad I am finally done moving out! Big thanks to dad who came all the way from Taiwan to help me [...]

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NYCUP and Hip Hop’s BEST Team Up to Fight Slavery andy 304

  What if rap music’s most talented lyricists got together to weave words to set people free. Slavery still exists there are brothers and sisters caught up in sex-trafficking and labor slavery around the corner and around the world; but we’re doing our best to stop it.  Click here to check out what Hip Hop [...]

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“Dear Daddy: Reflections on NYCUP”-Princy Prasad, NYCUP 2013 7.25 Princy Post

  “I have not written in 5 days. A lot has happened. Helping kids. Trayvon Martin. Watching Father of Lights. And now, as my 4 R’s: Rest, Restore, Resist, Repeat… I give you: “Dear Daddy…”   Dear Daddy, I write this as a monument to myself. As if I could organize my thoughts from the endless expanse which is [...]

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“The Least of These”-Avanell Brock, NYCUP 2013 Avanell

  “You wait in the oppressive heat, waiting to get on the subway car. The train rushes past, and eventually slows down.     The door slides open, air condition assails you.     The car you step onto is empty, except for a figure hunched at the far end, dirty pants, covered face.   [...]

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Jesus in Disneyland 2013-07-31 13.45.25

I went to Disneyland for the first time last week in Anaheim, California. I don’t have any emotional attachments to Mickey and heard a sermon about the beauty-based values perpetuated by Cinderella and Snow White so most of the magic that I could have had was gone. Sorry Mr. Disney.      For Priscilla (my Proverbs 31 woman) it was the exact opposite. [...]

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“My 10% of thoughts…”-Nick Lauda, NYCUP 2013 Nick Lauda

  “10 books, 7 documentaries, 4 church services, 3 research projects, and countless conversations and prayers down. Yes, I am nearing the completion of my internship in Manhattan. Interestingly, it did not take all of those information sources for God to speak to me. Rather, God spoke to me in two simple lines of text, [...]

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