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Jason Russell, Mike Daisey and Jesus JonathanIC

The low wages, long hours, abuse and suicides are not a myth or rumor but the realities of millions of people who work in manufacturing plants in China and other developing nations. FoxConn, most famous because it produces the Ipod, Ipad and other Apple Products burst into the forefront of a media frenzy when the [...]

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“How InterVarsity Ruined My Life…” intervarsity logo

I read this article and I wanted to repost because I think what she says is true. I believe that this is a warning to any Christian whose faith depends on their youth group, college ministry chapter, charismatic leader, and emotional high after emotional high. We need to get to know Jesus for ourselves, own [...]

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Reflections on Good Friday and Easter… crownofthorns

  Part I.   “My dad dropped a TV on me when I was five. It was a big one. He just watched me try to push it off.”   “I’m afraid of you because…you look like the man who raped me.”   “My father got angry once and he tried to throw me out [...]

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Concert and Worship Featuring Courtney Wong THURSDAY & FRIDAY youvegottalent

So, if you’re wondering what to do this Thursday or Friday Night, there are two great opportunities for you and all of your friends!   Featuring MTV VJ, Bai Yu and NYC Based artists Caroline Tseng, Minnow Park and NYCUP’s own Courtney Wong!   This competition will benefit the Coalition for Asian American Children and [...]

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Hey Everybody! This Friday night @ NYACK College in Manhattan, let’s pray for the end of human trafficking and learn practical ways to get involved in setting the captives free around the corner and around the world.   Click here to “LIKE” the event!  

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Some numbers: Some Numbers

This post is reblogged from our partner blog, Price of Life NYC. Check it out & follow here.

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LOGOFF Highlight of the Week – Reach Records Merchant Line Reach logo

  As I have been Logging Off in my personal purchases, I’ve run into many roadblocks when it comes to buying clothes. It has gotten to be about that time where most of my clothes from college need to go as pointed out by my friends in NYC. Though learning much about supply and demand [...]

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Check out the last ReLENTless ACT:S Video! relentlessactsofsacrifice

As we wrap up LENT, check out the final video in ReLENTless ACTS of Sacrifice.

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