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LOGOFF WORKSHOP Help design an app for freedom!

LOGOFF WORKSHOP: Local, Green, Organic, Fair Trade, Slave Free 04.28  |  9 AM – 4 PM  |  251 W. 80th Street, Manhattan (All Angels Church) Because good intentions can’t make a difference without good information You’re invited to a FREE LOGOFF Workshop, a creative work day on an app to help consumers make good choices. The [...]

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FRIDAY: NYCUP @ Stony Brook lol draft3

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Nick Kristof, The Village Voice and the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation timessquarephoto

As I flipped through the pages of the Village Voice, looked quickly at and some other websites that I won’t mention because I do not desire to increase their traffic I know personally how easy it is to find girls and boys for sex in less than half an hour from any point in [...]

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Get Ready for Worship @ Calvary with NYCUP & One Cry! new-york-streets

If you are looking for a place to meet God, meet people, and get involved in what God is doing in the city, please come out to For Freedom: Praise and Worship with NYCUP and ONE CRY.   NYCUP Spring Break 2012 will be gathering to pray against sex-trafficking and labor slavery in NYC. Learn [...]

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LoGOFF 6: Clothed in Child Labored Uzbek Cotton – Courtney Wong uzbekistan-cotton

Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865 but picking cotton is still done by children around the world. Click here to LEARN MORE from Courtney Wong’s LOGOFF VIDEO SERIES!    Sign the petitions to tell companies we want to wear clothes free of child slavery and abuse!: Tell Forever 21 to Stop Forced [...]

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Relentless ACTS: Give Back to God What God Gave to You johnathan_waltonACTS

  As you practice sacrifice this Lent with InterVarsity and World Vision ACT:S, some of you may start to feel guilty for all the things around you and the opportunities you have and may become resentful of your stuff and of those who have plenty like you. Some of you may feel ashamed of your house and the [...]

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How Many Hours Did Employees Have to Work for US to Get the iPAD3? ipad3

   Click here to sign the petition!    Today, Apple unveils the new iPad. If it is like Apple’s past products, it will be a sleek, gorgeous gadget, hand-assembled by underpaid workers forced to put in illegal and dangerous amounts of overtime.   Apple says it cares about workers and requires its factories to follow the [...]

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Don’t Forget! Rachel Lloyd, this MONDAY @ Cooper Union Rachel-Lloyd1

Rachel Lloyd tells the moving story of her escape from the commercial sex trade in Europe, detailed in her memoir, Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls Are Not For Sale, at The Cooper Union’s Great Hall on Monday, March 5 at 6:30 PM.   Jonathan Walton, NYCUP Director and poet will also perform “GEMS”. [...]

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