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Jonathan Walton

Jonathan Walton is Intervarsity's New York City Urban Project Director. Jonathan has worked to call students and volunteers to put their faith into concrete, sustainable action for the last 7 years, first as a member of World Vision's Speaker's Bureau and now as Director of InterVarsity's NYCUP. He is also the author of three books of poetry and short stories. The latest, "Legal: The First 21-Years" is available at all booksellers. Walton is available to speak on a variety of topics, not limited to but including: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the arts and faith, "hard questions about God", justice and poverty, creative activism and strategic development. Presently, he lives with his wife Priscilla in Jackson Heights and looks forward to making Queens as much like Brodnax, Virginia as possible. Walton is also available to teach poetry workshops and guest lecture at every level (references available upon request). After much prayer and consideration, Walton has made a 20-year commitment to His service to God and those who have yet to know Him.


    Sarah was at the very first feed 500. Where is she now? 1930589_632326156159_1393_n

    In September 2008 we took this photo. It was the very first Feed 500 at Manhattan Bible Church! Sarah Ngu, a freshman at Columbia was in the audience. Her story epitomizes what we hope for every Feed 500 attendee. You can meet her and other great NYCUP Alumni at Feed 500 on September 20th! Click [...]

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    NYCUP is BACK @ Chipotle on September 20! Chipotle Photo

    So, after Feed 500, you’re going to be hungry. So, why not grab Chipotle!   We are taking over 2 Chipotles on September 20th and you’re invited to come, eat and support our work to fight exploitation of the people and exploitation of the planet. Catch us at the following locations:   55 East 8TH [...]

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    100 Hygiene Kits Donated to Feed 500! IMG_6058

    Thanks to Fred Tessier and CSI globalVCard for packing and donating 100 hygiene kits for Feed 500.   Make sure to bring your backpacks filled with food, some friends and a heart ready to serve on September 20th to Feed 500. Click here for more information and to RSVP!

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    We Are the “City That Never Sleeps” and That’s a Problem. Jonathan-at-protest-530x353

    Sabbath is a commandment not a suggestion; but most of us treat rest as a side dish to our lives instead of an essential, integrated part of it. So instead of sleeping we choose coffee, red bull, Adderall, Molly or whatever upper will keep us up through whatever thing we “have to do”.   Three [...]

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    There Are Two Groups of People in Ferguson IMG_0779

    I heard about Michael Brown on Facebook. I went to and began to read. Then I went to Twitter to get the latest and I went from vacation to anger in LTE speed on my iPhone. My mind immediately went to Eric Garner, Trayvon, Amadou and my own experiences as a black male in [...]

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    NEWSFLASH: Jonathan Walton featured in ReWrite Magazine! 1399268_10100805299210864_1894674377_o

    …“It’s impossible to change the world without having been transformed by the love of God,” Jonathan says. “You can change it. You can make the oppressed the oppressor, but you won’t actually bring peace. I am unashamed to say that people who don’t follow Jesus are not going to transform the world. They will change [...]

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    What Are Our Students Doing This Summer? Ask Katelyn Babyak. 1939474_10201626214639002_406050671_n

    For the past 6 years, NYCUP Summers were filled with Hope Fairs, prayer meetings and deep conversations about race, gender, stereotypes, and JESUS. There were also random dance parties, movie nights, and LOTS of photos.   So, since NYCUP Summer is not happening this year, what are students up to? Well, 2 Spring Break alumni, [...]

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    “My Release, After My Genogram” jonathan waltonbwmic

    When I was 16 years old I wrote “My Release”. It was my first attempt after watching Saul Williams in “SLAM” to write a slam poem of my own. A slam poem, much like the hip-hop culture that I embraced at the time, was all about the “battle” and proving yourself to be better than [...]

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