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There Are Two Groups of People in Ferguson IMG_0779

I heard about Michael Brown on Facebook. I went to and began to read. Then I went to Twitter to get the latest and I went from vacation to anger in LTE speed on my iPhone. My mind immediately went to Eric Garner, Trayvon, Amadou and my own experiences as a black male in [...]

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Three Ways to Engage With Ferguson Ferguson

    (Photo Credit: JOE RAEDLE/GETTY IMAGES)   The events in Ferguson over the past week have left many of us outraged, confused, shocked and unsure or how to act.  What should we do? What should we say? Please click here to read an article that offers three biblical ways to engage with the situation [...]

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NEWSFLASH: Jonathan Walton featured in ReWrite Magazine! 1399268_10100805299210864_1894674377_o

…“It’s impossible to change the world without having been transformed by the love of God,” Jonathan says. “You can change it. You can make the oppressed the oppressor, but you won’t actually bring peace. I am unashamed to say that people who don’t follow Jesus are not going to transform the world. They will change [...]

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What Are Our Students Doing This Summer? Ask Katelyn Babyak. 1939474_10201626214639002_406050671_n

For the past 6 years, NYCUP Summers were filled with Hope Fairs, prayer meetings and deep conversations about race, gender, stereotypes, and JESUS. There were also random dance parties, movie nights, and LOTS of photos.   So, since NYCUP Summer is not happening this year, what are students up to? Well, 2 Spring Break alumni, [...]

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“My Release, After My Genogram” jonathan waltonbwmic

When I was 16 years old I wrote “My Release”. It was my first attempt after watching Saul Williams in “SLAM” to write a slam poem of my own. A slam poem, much like the hip-hop culture that I embraced at the time, was all about the “battle” and proving yourself to be better than [...]

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Wanna help out with NYCUP, Logoff and more??? 10389175_10152207599194786_952596939006979586_n

NYCUP is bigger than it’s ever been and we want to be sure that it’s better than its ever been! That means we need help.   On July 26th, you’ll be able to contribute your time and energy towards transforming the lives of those around in and around our city. InterVarsity is the largest campus [...]

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Do you like soccer? Come play, coach and make $500! NYCUP 2013

Watching the World Cup is a good thing; but playing soccer is so much better!   What if you could spend a week coaching the next Lionel Messi, Tim Howard or Cristiano Ronaldo? Well, we’ve got your chance!   Interested? Here are the details: August 18-22, 8am-4pm in Inwood Hill Park.  $500 stipend, lunch every [...]

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We LOGOFF App Update 1375649_10152020060658969_185586607_n

Since December 2011, we worked to create concrete practical steps on fighting exploitation of people and the planet. Our hope was to develop a native app for smart phones that would aid in this effort. We created a prototype and now we are due for an upgrade.   While we do this, we will be [...]

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