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My First Time at Hot Yoga… 10155810_10101206488893382_814974890119417953_n

Football, soccer, track, basketball, boxing, running, Muay Thai, running again and now, hot yoga. My bad, Bikram yoga to be proper…I think.   Picture this: silent room, save for the voice of a teacher. People are there of all ages and sizes, focused solely on their breathing and this lady’s voice (FYI: Tamoko is awesome). Oh, and it’s 105 [...]

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He said, “Get the #$%# out of my neighborhood…” 10155758_10152435530082873_1921572128_n

“How do you have the nerve to come to my neighborhood? I have lived here all my life and there is not sex-trafficking here. Get the f*?& out of my neighborhood and don’t ever come back you *&%?. You %^&$, you #@&.”   Every year, we make a schedule and we do our best to [...]

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He Wants to Turn a Strip Club Into a Church…Let’s PRAY! New York City

Our God doesn’t throw things away. He redeems them. And that’s exactly what He aims to do with us and every corner of creation — including a strip club in the South Bronx. Every week, there are students praying for His Kingdom to come in real and transformative ways. Candace Cody and some others from [...]

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Help Support Nomi Network! Nominetworkinindia

Want to use your money to make a difference in someone’s life? Then support Nomi Network! If you don’t already know about Nomi Network, this organization helps empower survivors of sex trafficking in Cambodia.   Here’s How You Can Help: Nomi Network is being featured on a website called, which highlights worthy organizations and [...]

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“For the first time I realized, God loves me.” 10003904_10203381975132525_1025010393_n

“For the first time I realized, that God loves me”.   That’s what she said to me after watching Entre Nos, an amazing film chronicling the life of an abandoned, undocumented mother of two surviving on the streets of Queens, NY. Jackie* discovered that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.   Some [...]

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What happened during Week 1 of NYCUP Spring Break? LOGOFF

  Week 1 of  NYCUP Spring Break is already over! We had a great week learning what it means to live LoGOFF (local, green, organic, fair and free), and to serve others out of a deep relationship with God! Check out welogoff on twitter and instagram to see what we’ve been up to! And, it’s [...]

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25 Events in 40 Days…You’re Invited! NYCUP 2013

People ask me more than once a day, “so what exactly do you do?” and I give them the elevator pitch. InterVarsity’s mission is to see lives transformed, campuses renewed and world-changers developed. NYCUP exists to see leaders developed with the character and capacity to change the world. And then there is silence because you have [...]

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Going Green: Carbon Offsets Avanell

Last night, I ate at a restaurant called “Pisticci” in NYC. The food was delicious, and then I found out something that made me like the restaurant even more. Pisticci is the first restaurant in New York to be 100% Carbon Neutral. They first calculate their carbon footprint, evaluating things like how much waste they [...]

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